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Update: Khadijah Basenjis has relocated to McMinnville, Oregon!

I originally came from horses, having shown in Hunter-Jumpers and 3-day eventing since in early grade school. My mother was involved in Rodeo's and Drill Teams when she was a child. I attended college in New Mexico and acquired my 1st Basenji there purely by accident.

He was a black and white that had bounced around a few homes. He was perfect for my lifestyle (renting a spare bedroom with no yard). This was 1993

I quickly fell in love with the breed and knew I wanted more. In 1996 I decided to start pursuing a 2nd Basenji (already having a Golden Retriever and a Retired Greyhound).
We attended the a local show that Fall, and met a few members of the Willamette Valley Basenji Club. I saw some brindles and I was hooked. That fall, I made some phone calls to see some pups and ended up at the home of Jackie & Terry Jones of Dragnquest Basenjis. I instantly fell in love with a flashy brindle male that was to go to a show home only. Having shown horses my entire life, this was no stretch for me...of COURSE I'll show him. I have never looked back.

My Kennel name, "Khadijah" is from my other passion...Ethnic Dances and Folk Costuming. I started "Khadijah Textiles" in 1992. For many years I have performed under the name "Khadijah". I can be found in the "Tribal Bible" which is a Tribal Bellydance guide.

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Cinemae Khadijah

A collection of digial "movies".

Bed Thief
This is Demetri and puppy Lola. Lola wants the cuddle bed that Demetri is lying in, and he won't give it up.
Watch her annoy him until he gets to mad he had to go yell at her. Then she steals his bed. Also note the "onlookers".
This is a huge file and may be difficult to download if you have anything other than Broadband or DSL.

Puppy movie
Click above to view the movie of Lola playing with a springy cat toy.
I highly recommend this $4.99 toy!!!

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